My Recommendations

On this page you can find items i truly believe are the best.

Items that will be of the best quality, and be of the best value.

A big thing i want to mention, is that i will never write a positive review on a product i have not used, or is currently using.

If its crap, you will never find it here. Only the best.

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Sage Barista Express

My favorite Espresso machine!

sage barista express test

This coffee machine is one i personally own, and use every single day. This is not a cheap filter coffee machine, but in the Barista universe its still entry level price. 

I feel that the money i personally invested into this machine has been a great investment, and i recommend to anyone that is looking to getting a good espresso machine, to get this one. I can honestly say, i have never regretted my purchase, despite over the last year there has come newer “smarter” espresso machines, i still will claim that this can hold its own against any of them.

I recommend you buy this on Amazon, where you can usually find a much better price than in your local shop.

Personally i saved 35% because i bought it HERE on Amazon

Build Quality 100%
Vaue for money 100%
Price 95%

I give this machine 5 star rating, because of its the perfect combination between price and quality.

I honestly believe that you have to look for a long time, to find a better deal than a Sage Barista Exrpess.

star 5
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the world's best filter coffee maker

moccamaster test

Moccamaster is one of the best coffee machines in the world – At least if you have to believe the majority of coffee experts and nerds, myself included.

The Moccamaster is the machine you need to buy if you want proper brewing coffee. It’s one of the few machines for the private market that really holds the standard – and while it costs a little more than the average, it’s all worth the money. And it lasts longer.

In addition to the most well-known Moccamaster model, there are also a few models that brew directly in thermos – And if you need extra volume, there is the model Moccamaster KBG 744 , which brews two jugs at a time.

(Cheap models such as K741 with fewer features and smaller heating element are available on offer in retail stores once in a while)

You can buy the MoccaMaster HERE on Amazon.

Build Quality 95%
Vaue for money 98%
Price 92%

The MoccaMaster I give “only” 4 stars, despite I have it here in the Recommendation section. The reason is simple. Its a great filter coffee machine, and will last you a long time. But at the same time, its only capable of making filter coffee, so I feel its just not good enough to receive a 5 star rating.

Recommendations 1 If you are interested in learning more about coffee you came to the right place :-)
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Rocket Appartamento

The ultimate espresso machine!

Rocket Appartmento Espresso machine

You can read more on Amazon where they also sell it. They have tons on reviews on it also, tat will surely help you deside if this is the right machine for you.

The Rocket Appartamento espresso machine is a superb machine, and comes with a price tag to proof it.

This is not a cheap machine, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. 

This machine can make various espresso-based drinks, and will last you a lifetime.

This machine is a semi-automatic espresso model, so you have complete control over every single detail of your coffee, while maintaining the quality and taste of a great coffee shop.

It has an amazing milk frother, that gives you the perfect foam, and a large 1.8L water tank.

I can really not speak highly enough of this machine 🙂

If you got the money, and are looking for that ultimate machine, that will last you a lifetime, then there is no negatives here. This is the machine i would buy if i won the lottery.

Build Quality 100%
Vaue for money 100%
Price 98%

The Rocket Appartamento is the perfect machine for both a small cafe, and your kitchen counter.

Its expensive, so that should give it a 4 star rating, but its just so amazing that I could not live with myself if I didnt give it a 5 star rating.

You will never need to buy another machine, if you invest in this beautyful beast. Literally does everything perfect!

star 5
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De'Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica

Fully automatic espresso machine

ecam 3300

If your looking for a fully automatic espresso machine, and you love freshly brewed coffee, you will really love the De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica.

This machine is equipped with a built-in coffee grinder, where your favorite bean mixture is ground just before the coffee is brewed. It is also possible to make coffee with ground coffee, so your not forced to grind your own beans, and can just buy pre-ground beans if thats your thing.

This is a solid machine, that will be with you for many years. I have tried this machine several times, and it makes an amazing cup of coffee! 

This machine can be bought on Amazon, at a very good price, and you can also read some additional reviews there: Amazon

Build Quality 96%
Vaue for money 93%
Price 94%

The DeLonghi Esam is an amazing fully automatic espresso machine, and there is almost no negatives if any. Only 2 actually..

Its fully automatic, and it takes away part of the experience of “playing” house barista. If you don`t care about that, it`s the perfect coffee maker.

Recommendations 1 If you are interested in learning more about coffee you came to the right place :-)
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